Geography is a core subject at Junior Certificate and an option at leaving certificate here in CBC. The uptake for students from junior cycle has been very high in recent years underlining the popularity of the subject among our students. Since the introduction of the new leaving cert syllabus in 2006 we have maintained two classes in our senior option bands and sometimes three.

Geography is a subject that draws on a wide variety of skills and other subjects. During the course of their studies at both cycles students will develop skills in statistical analysis, map drawing, the interpretation of graphs which employ fundamental mathematical skills, project and coursework for assessment , analytical skills and critical thinking. Students study physical and human geography in local, Irish, European and a global context. There is a significant curricular overlap between Geography and all subjects in our curriculum but specifically history, science, business and economics, English and maths.

Over the past number of years attainment in Geography by CBC students at state level has produced excellent results. Our results are typically above the national average and in both cycles with the most recent junior and leaving cert classes achieving a 96% and 94% rate of honours with 60% achieving a grade B or higher. In preparation for the leaving cert students also have the opportunity to study geography in modular form in transition year. The subject has also fared very favourably with the schools inspectorate in the most recent schools inspection report.



The staff of the Geography department have collated a vast collection of notes, power points and maps to resource students in their learning. In third year all of our students sit a full junior cert paper at Christmas with the 5th and 6th years being afforded the same in preparation for state examination. Examination preparation is extensive with questions from past papers being explored in class through Assessment for Learning (AFL) methods and given for homework. Furthermore ICT is now available across the whole department for use in classrooms bringing the outside world into CBC to aid teaching and learning.

Of course while examinations and attainment are important the geography department are enthusiastic about teaching the subject as one of great value and importance. Geography lends itself to active citizenship, environmental stewardship and respect for other cultures. In the teaching of the subject abstract concepts are made concrete and understandable through group learning and experiments which the students enjoy.


The Geography department in CBC is staffed by

Mr Ryan Corcoran
MrConor Montayne
Mr Ian O’Herlihy
Mr Mark Feeney



As career options go a leaving certificate and degree qualification in the subject can see students working in such careers as Cartographer, Geological Assistant, Soil Conservationist, Development Analyst, Town / County Planner, Logistics Manager, Environmental Consultant, Recycling Manager, Meteorology, Teacher/ lecturer as well as being applicable to careers in oil and gas exploration, conservation and engineering.

For further information about Geography at Junior and senior cycles you can follow the links below and for further information please do not hesitate in contacting us here in the school : Department of Education and Skills Syllabus Section Association of Geography teachers in Ireland. central statistics office Dublin.  State Examinations Commission Past papers and exam materials archive. Excellent section for students in the study of weather. excellent notes and animations in human and physical Geography.
The above links can also be used by students at home to assist them in the completion of homework and exam preparation.