Art Craft & Design is taught to all years at CBC, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years following the Junior Certificate syllabus and 5th and 6th Years following the Leaving Certificate

Syllabus.  Transition Years follow a specifically designed program.
At junior cycle the emphasis is on “the Project” whilst at Senior Cycle all tests are exam based.

The junior cert project begins in early October and is usually completed by early May.  Once the project which accounts for 80% of the marks is completed, students then complete two drawing tests (still life and life drawing) which account for the final 20% of the marks.

At Leaving Cert there are four tests. 1. Life Drawing, 50 marks.  2. Still Life / Imaginary Composition, 100 marks.  3. Craftwork / Design 100 marks.  4. History and Appreciation of Art, 150 marks.
(Total 400 marks)

Here at CBC we have a dedicated website for the Art Department